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koen_zander [userpic]

i wanna be on dirty jobs so i can spend a couple of hours with that cool dood Mike Rowe (micro machines!!!)

my job isn't dirty enough, tho.
i was thinking about taking up gynecology.
that counts as a dirty job, don't it?

koen_zander [userpic]

I was just thinking what it would be like if Sev and that Nick kid had a baby. I think it would... have Aryan blonde hair. And a fucking killer tan! Yeah, hopef'ly not.

Rumor is that Screak finally fucked JJ XD
Lily told me.. and then five minutes later Sevrin called me.
Collective response from everyone at the sept- "Really? About time."

Alice! Hurry up and pop that pup! I need more babies to play with >_

koen_zander [userpic]



Percocet (fuck yeah!!!)


Viagra?! Thanx, sev -_-..

And there's about million different kinds, too :P
I'm gonna hafta look up what some of these meds do before I sell/use them..
I haven't even heard of some of these things..

OMG!!!! Ibuprofen!!!
Wait.. In Ibuprofen, is the U one of those silent letters, ?? It really bugs me O_o

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koen_zander [userpic]

You know those cups that football players wear? The crotch cups?
Those don't hold milk very well..

OMg! Little boy! No! OMG! INARI!
... Oh, Wtf?! Pochi, you asshole!

OH FUCK! Those guys just pulled a Cathy Bates on that dude and totally smashed his arms in (tied to a wooden beam, all Jesus styles)!! ::shudder:: Poor Kaiza-san..

Oh! You ungreatful little heaten! you can go to hell Inari!

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koen_zander [userpic]

Hey! Fuckin' Shows No Mercy!
We have yer son, and we have yer.. old guy!
Come away from the dark side!
(This side-- Now with 30% less crazy! comparible to the dark side)

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koen_zander [userpic]

Have ya'll seen Screak swing that Klaive yet? He's so cool!! He even knocked Derrek aroun' a little bit XD That's the best part. And, what's better is that he c'n actually get away with :D Cause if you tried that shit out of the ring, Derrek would kick yer ass so fast-- and I got the bruises to prove it :D it was so worth it..

Whee! That tiger-wolf thing, uh, Bunyip is sure cute, huh?! X3
I'm so proud of my boys-- setting fire to halfa 'Stralia, bringing disorder to councils, stealing shit that was thought to be extinct from people's back yards.. ^^

But Christ, man! Those boys look like they've put on a couple inches since they were gone. They're gettin' so big...-- Except JJ :p He's still as short as ever X3 He's so cute, my gay son!

Er,well... I guess all my sons are gay, when I think about it. ( Its not a bad thing, i swear. Whoo! You go, homo!)
Lesee.. rumor is that Screak and JJ are FINALLY and officially together. ::confetti!!::
And apparently, Sevrin has a boyfriend, too. I haven't really gotten a chance t' git t' know much about 'im, but he seems like a nice kid^^ Whazzis name again? Ah.. Nick! yeah, tha's it :D

Omg!! My neice brought my VCR back! Sweet!
Man, she's fuckin' huge and getting ready t' pop! Can't wait to see the baby^^

yeah, i'm gunna go;; It took me forever to type all this out. It says 9:00, but I'm just entering it at 6:38;;;;; I still aint very good at typin'^^;;;

I guess that makes the Nick-guy my son, too :p
And the rest of Sev's pack, also! ^^ Like, that cute Neverhome-guy and that other guy!
And then those other guys from that other pack... Yay!

PSS (haha! Piss!)
I gotta thank that one guy with the plane who brought the kids back. That was really nice. ::nod nod::

Why is that important guy here?
He looks familiar O_O

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Current Music: Alice in Chains' "I Stay Away"
koen_zander [userpic]

Jeez, i'm really startin' t' understand why the kids love this internet. I've spent over 12 hours on it this weekend, witout hardly gettin' up O_o;;
In that time, I looked at tons of free porn, downloaded 50 songs in less than 20 minutes, found some killer recipes t' make fer dinner, found direction to the specific store where I could get specific ingredients, and all this other bullshit, too :D
(Th' internet knows everything O_o i've been asking it all kinds of things, and it always has the answer!)

Yeah.. Sev and Larry warned me like, 50 times each, not t' download any email attachments from a stranger, and not to give out my credit card number to the same types.
Well, ya know what? I don't gotta worry about that :D I don't got an email account-- or even a credit card :PPPPPPP!

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koen_zander [userpic]

Yay! I have a journal now, too! hA!


Cool! He fixed it! He's smart at computers, too!
Show me how to get the little picture by my name now O_o;;

Hey! Naruto's on! You gou, girl! Rock on, Sakura!

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